Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity

FPDA (non-qualified plan)
FPDA-IRA (IRA, Roth IRA) (tax-qualified plan, 1st Yr. 2% Bonus)
FPDA-TSA (TSA) (tax-qualified plan, 1st Year 2% Bonus)
Current Interest Rate: 1.05% 1.05%
Balances of $5,000 and above: +.10% +.10%
Bonus Interest First Year: None 2.0%
Current Interest Guaranteed: Monthly Monthly
Minimum Guaranteed Rate: 1.0% 1.0%
Policy Fee: See 1below See 1below
Minimum Initial Premium: $100 $100
Issue Ages: 0 - 85 0 - 85
Nursing Home Rider: See Nursing Rider2 below See Nursing Rider2 below
Withdrawal Privilege: Penalty Free withdrawls3 below Penalty Free withdrawls3 below
Surrender Penalty: Penalty Free withdrawls3 below Penalty Free withdrawls3 below
Year   Year  
1 9.0% 6 4.0%
2 8.0% 7 3.0%
3 7.0% 8 2.0%
4 6.0% 9 1.0%
5 5.0% 10+ 0.0%

Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity

5% - 6% Commission

Become an Agent

There is no policy fee while the account balance is greater than $3,000. An annual $24.00 fee is applied whenever the balance is less than $3,000 and there has not been at least $1,000 deposited during the preceding policy year.

The above plan will be issued with a Nursing Home Rider providing the owner's age is 75 or younger at the time of the issue. After the owner has had 60 consecutive days of confinement to a Nursing Home, additional partial withdrawals are available without a surrender charge.

Penalty free partial withdrawls are available once per policy year - up to 10% of the account value.

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