Single Premium Deferred Annuity (BIR) - (Bailout Interest Rate)

Current Interest Rate: 1.05%
Balances of $25,000 and above: +.10%
Bonus Interest First Year: None
Current Interest Guaranteed: Policy Year
Current Bailout Interest: 1.50%1
Minimum Guaranteed Rate: 1.0%
Policy Fee: None
Minimum Initial Premium: $10,000
Issue Ages: 0 - 85
Nursing Home Rider: See Nursing Rider2 below
Withdrawal Privilege: Penalty Free withdrawls3 below
Surrender Penalty: Penalty Free withdrawls3 below
Year   Year  
1 7.0% 5 4.0%
2 7.0% 6 3.0%
3 6.0% 7 2.0%
4 5.0% 8+ 0.0%

Single Premium Deferred Annuity

4% - 5% Commission

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The bailout provision will waive surrender charges within 60 days after the effective date of any interest rate that is equal to or falls below the bailout interest rate which is stated on the policy specifications page. (current bailout rate is 1.50%)

The above plan will be issued with a Nursing Home Rider providing the owner's age is 75 or younger at the time of the issue. After the owner has had 60 consecutive days of confinement to a Nursing Home, additional partial withdrawals are available without a surrender charge.

The policy owner is permitted to withdraw interest credited free of a surrender charge. As an alternative, each year, after the first year, the policy owner is permitted one withdrawal from the account value free of any surrender charge. The maximum amount of the free withdrawal is 10% of the accumulation account. No free withdrawal is permitted if it would reduce the accumulation account below $10,000.

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